What are you selling?  You will be selling an 7" hoagie or a large salad / chips / and drink for $7.50.  In exchange for the $7.50, you will give the purchaser a coupon with your organization's name on it.

How does this benefit you?  You make one-half of what you sell.  Not too many fundraisers allow this kind of profit.  You get free advertising of your organization and a quick and easy way to earn money.

What does the purchaser receive?  A coupon that entitles them to a fresh hoagie or salad at the date and time of their choice.  Excellent Service and Delicious Food!!!!!

What is Woody's II?  Deli hoagies with famous homemade salad dressing....homemade Italian sauce with several Italian dinners.  High standards are set to be the best in our specialty.  Once you've tasted.....you'll agree.

What is the procedure to get started?  Let us know the number of ticket you need and we will deliver them within one week.  The rest is up to you.


                        Number of tickets sold                           Profit

                                      200                                             $   750 

                                      500                                             $ 1875

                                     1000                                            $ 3750 

If you have 50 member in your organization, in order to reach $3750 in profit, each person would need to sell only 20 tickets.  That's not too hard considering many people sell over that for an average fundraiser.  

We look forward to supporting your fundraiser.  Thank you for supporting Woody's II.










Fundraising Made Easy - You Earn 50%


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